Tee and Kay 

Their names are Tee and KayGeni and they make up the duo that are - Unlisted Negros. A creative team made up of two beautiful singers that are unapologetically expressive. Standing empowered in their queer black femininity. They consider themselves storytellers through the creative umbrella including but not limiting themselves to, music, fashion, visual, and creative expression.

“We believe freely expressing our perspectives by utilizing our voices without inhibition, will continue making space for Black voices, and the voices of Black womxn in particular. “ - Tee and KayGeni on what inspires them with their content on Unlisted Negros.

With the looming pandemic and the transitional state of the world, Tee and KayGeni developed a closer bond in their friendship. Together they realized that they were destined to convey a message and leave their mark on the world. Spending time together creating, having fun and expressing themselves vocally - freestyle sessions were common and they quickly became regular studio sessions. “(It) lead to us deciding that we didn’t want to just feature on each other’s tracks all the time.”

Something greater was created.

“It was seamless and thus Unlisted Negros was born.”


In 5 years, the Unlisted Negros see themselves creating their art without any form of constriction. They believe in no-filtered free speech as a duo - “Not everything we have to say is pretty, or nice, or respectable, but sometimes things are like that.”


“Our name represents our freedom and that is something we are able to express fully in our music, as soul sisters.” - Tee and KeyGeni

Their music is an ode to the empowerment of black women everywhere and we cannot wait to see what else is in store for them.


Follow them @unlistednegros for more on their content and new releases.


- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine