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- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine

His name is Tré Wave and he is an artist and a writer born in Mississauga and raised in Brampton, Ontario. He started making music when he was around 16 years old - finding that he was able to express his feelings better from a musical approach. He started taking it seriously when he began to experience his own personal turmoils - giving him the ability to portray his life in an artistic way. He channels his art through the lyrics, the beats and even his fashion - Tré believes without music he doesn’t know what he’d be doing.


“Music to me is more than just the sound, it’s an art form.” - Tré Wave


His inspiration comes from a variety of artists that helped him get through his own challenges at the time - specifically Wiz Khalifa. Having studied his energy, sound, stage presence and personality - it inspired and drove Tré to express himself similarly - but with his own creative energy. Otherwise, Tré enjoys the process of making music and storytelling because it brings him a sense of peace. 

Tré had a great support system growing up giving him the ability to pursue his career. “My mom and my aunt always forced me to think outside the box”. He never believed in conforming to the standards of society and really embodied the confidence in being himself. Taking a risk to chase his dreams was guided by these two important women in his life - and continues to give him the courage to keep going.


“… I realized sometimes i have to step out my comfort zone and just do what I love.”


Bringing positivity to the world is one of the messages Tré tries to embody in his music. “I want my music to be an escape for people, something they can relate to…” He wants to inspire others the same way his favourite artists inspire him. The ability to change someone’s mood by just listening to his music is something Tré believes to be a tool to help others. He wants others to know that they shouldn’t hold back on doing what they love - no matter what others think of them. “If you think its meant for you, then do it and make sure you bring the pressure while you do it!” A strong and powerful message we stand behind!

“There’s so much growing and learning to do that in 5 years i may just hope to be a better version of myself.” Tré touched on an insight that many people forget, the importance of personal growth! He believes in the priority of leaving a positive impact. Seeing people listening to his music and enjoying it is a goal for him as well. “I want to be able to make beautiful music people can enjoy at anytime, be able to reach certain levels I never thought I could make.”

We’re excited to see the growth - both personal and musical - that Tré has in store for him!

His Music Video "Reminicning" Premiers Apr 11th, on DC5 Studios.