Her name is Michelle Jimenez, and she is a dancer and an aspiring model. “I love dancing, I’ve been dancing since I was around 6 years old” says Jimenez. Discussing her modelling, Jimenez described it as something that makes her feel comfortable - touching on the idea that she can be anyone she wants to be in front of the camera. Mentioning that her self-esteem is something that she struggled with when she was younger - “all that kind of goes out the window when my picture is being taken”. When asked how she got into modelling, Michelle mentions a best friend who told her to reach out to a photographer and “just do it” (no Nike) when she continued to mention her goals of modelling. He went on to set up a shoot with his photographer and she felt it came naturally to her. 


“I had my doubts about it because I was too focused on what social media perceived to be a model… I can be whatever I want to be and not settle for the expectations that society and social media have on models.”

Michelle mentions that her two biggest inspirations are her mother and her sister. When she’s in front of the camera, she thinks of them and the fact her sister looks up to her. Her sister is her biggest supporter - “She’s always giving me tips and always wants to take pictures of me. I always show and share everything with her.” Discussing her close relationship with her mother, Michelle lovingly states: “…there’s not much that needs to be said, she’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a mother and so much more.” A supportive family is truly a blessing in itself. 

“She will always go above and beyond for me without any hesitation.” - Michelle, on her mother.

Michelle and Menelick met through Instagram, she commented on one of his photos and they set up a shoot the following week! We agree that Instagram has been the platform for connecting and networking through the ongoing pandemic - it’s been a great tool to help creatives come together. 


Michelle’s goals of expanding her modelling career are exciting and inspiring, “In 5 years I see myself in magazines, working with so many different brands around the world, and maybe even on a billboard or two!” She also has a dream of becoming an immigration lawyer, having had related to the process in the past herself - and helping those who struggle with their mental health. “It’s something I’m very connected to and it’s always been another dream of mine to be able to help those who struggle…” Most importantly, Michelle says she sees herself happy, with confidence doing what she loves and helping those she can!


We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.


- Written by Ksenia for LOOK Magazine