His name is Jalen Nelson and his brand is called Lickmyfashion. He is a Fashion Content Creator, Stylist and Marketing Mentor residing in Toronto, Ontario.


In the beginning of his career, Jalen found he had a love for fashion and started working in retail. He had a drive to experience working with clothing and eventually realized he wanted more. After 10 years (wow!) working in retail, he quit his job during the pandemic and hasn’t looked back ever since! 

“…it made me think I was going to have another bad year but I prayed about it and came up with strategies to put myself in a better position.” - Jalen, when asked how he has been affected by the pandemic.


When the pandemic hit in 2020, it shook everything up for Jalen as he was on a new journey to finding out what more he wanted to do with fashion. He had expressed wanting to quit his job and with the inability to work at all, it discouraged him from having hope for the year. Luckily, with working on his mindset, and implementing strategies to put him in a better position — and the help of prayer — Jalen is now an entrepreneur making 5 figures a month!

As we know, starting a business on your own takes an abundance of work, discipline and a very optimistic and focused mindset. Jalen explains the importance of being kind to yourself and celebrating every win, no matter how big or small. As for creating content, Jalen believes in self-motivation, “I am my biggest supporter and I know if it doesn’t get done then who else will do it for me?”. He also expressed gratitude for his supporters for keeping him motivated and making feel loved.


“I think the biggest thing I struggle with as an entrepreneur is that I don’t give myself enough credit.”


As a stylist, Jalen mainly works with artists and business professionals who are always looking to expand and update their wardrobe. Jalen expresses that with their work there is always an event or occasion and it keeps him on his toes. It also provides the opportunity to understand their style needs in more depth.

One piece of advice that Jalen offers first time entrepreneurs is to keep going even when you aren’t seeing results. You may be working diligently and become frustrated that you aren’t reaching your goals but Jalen believes that the power of God is real. You could be building your brand for a number of years and one year everything will turn around for the better — as long as you stay consistent. “Work your hardest to be your best for YOURSELF and nobody else!


In the future, Jalen hopes to open up an agency that provides the tools and resources for other content creators to succeed. Currently, Jalen teaches others about what’s required to bring your brand to the next level however, this agency will be an expansion of this — allowing people the opportunity to get closer to accomplishing their dreams and goals.


We can’t wait to see who else — and what else, Jalen works with in the future!


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- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine