Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine

Her name is Ksenia Kazantseva and she is a creative from Toronto. Although she offers a variety of creative services, she aims to focus her work on creative consulting, photography and copywriting.


“I like the word Creative because it embodies and doesn’t limit.” - Ksenia


Ksenia believes in executing her vision with whichever creative direction it follows. Her inspiration comes from everything around her - she enjoys working with natural elements, emotional states, reflecting the seasons, and highlighting unique features of others that make them who they are. “I love working with people who bring a positive energy that’s infectious - a real joy to collaborate with.” From there, she says - the projects come together naturally.


“…those people who can really translate their personality to reflect in their work - they inspire me, I aim to be one of those individuals myself.” - Ksenia, on working with open-minded, positive people.


Ksenia has been working with various creative outlets her whole life, drawing, painting, writing poetry and expressing herself through her personal style. Deciding to one day get into photography as a hobby, she received her first camera as a Christmas gift in 2016 and started taking photos of landscapes and those close to her. Having worked in creative marketing and creative wellness, she began to expand her personal creative work in photography, consulting and copywriting full-time to build her brand - Created by Ksenia.


The message that Ksenia wants to convey is believing in yourself and trusting your intuition. She encourages others to pursue their passion and to make sure they don’t limit themselves in their respective industry. “In the creative industry you hear a lot about finding your niche, perfecting and sticking with it. But I believe in eliminating any walls that make you feel you’re boxed in. It’s all a learning experience. Expand and explore a variety of mediums!”



In 5 years, Ksenia sees herself expanding Created by Ksenia to be a respected brand in the creative industry. She wants to build a team of reliable individuals to carry on her values and continue to execute beautiful projects. “I believe when you are on the path to aligning with your higher self, you start protecting your energy, prioritizing self-development and connecting with a like-minded crowd - it all just aligns.” She’s excited for new opportunities and collaborations in the near future. “I can’t to see where this takes me!”


Editor’s Note: Thank you to Menelick for the opportunity to be featured on the cover of the March’s ‘Up and Coming’ issue and welcoming me into the LOOK Magazine team.


- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine