His name is Kevin Deocampo, and he is a tattoo artist at Black Cloud Tattoos. 

Kevin got started in the industry by initially getting tattooed himself. He found the process therapeutic, helping him get through difficult moments. He realized that tattoos weren’t just a work of art, but a way to express yourself and who you are — this got Kevin interested in learning more about the industry. When he began to meet a variety of people — from all walks of life, it pulled him in completely. “Everyone's got a storm in them.” 

“I have stories to tell on the work I've gotten.”

One of Kevin’s favourite moments in his career so far is riding the wave with Black Cloud. He notes having seen the shop progress and flourish organically has been something special. “We all have a special vibe that is incomparable.” 

Ensuring that clients feel comfortable and safe during the tattoo process is one of the top values at Black Cloud. Kevin emphasizes the importance of a good night’s sleep and a good meal before a tattoo. He also makes sure to showcase setup during the session so that the client understands that everything is packaged prior to use and disposable immediately following.  

When asked what advice Kevin would give a young creator considering a career in the industry, he highlighted the importance of putting your all into your craft and never giving up. “(Like any skill) tattooing takes years to get through to where you want to be.” However, an important lesson he notes is “whatever you do, you gotta love it” — so putting your all into it will make sure you reap results.

“We all bring something raw to the table.” - Kevin, on the team at Black Cloud. 

Long term, Kevin’s goals include elevating his skills every day — with every session. His main goal is to make sure everyone around him is motivated and inspired, no matter what. “I would love to see the people around me come up even if it were before me.” 

We can’t wait to see what the future of tattooing has in store for Kevin. 

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- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine