Her name is Katrina Anastasia and she is a talented and ambitious up and coming artist from the east end of Toronto. Katrina was an active part of theatrical productions in her childhood, and went on to graduate from Independent Music Production - as she began to build her career as a singer/songwriter. Her personal sound is inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley and Gwen Stefani and believes in gathering inspiration from all multimedia that she consumes to further solidify her identity as a unique and original creator.


 “…with every song I write I’m gaining familiarity with the artform and its forever expanding potential.” - Katrina, on being a songwriter for the last 5 years. 

Katrina highlights the importance of environmental sustanability into her passions, and one day seeing the earth and the living beings on it in a cohesive and harmonius reality. She believes that if we all strived for universal peace between the earth and its people that we wouldn’t be so distracted by the idea of materialism and wealth. “I’m a voice in the industry that is providing a reminder to the overlooked realities within our society…” The real value comes with community, love, and self expression and her music reflects that.

Katrina embraces musical artistry and the freedom of expansion that comes with it. “To be an artist is to be directly correlated with the freedom to express, evolve, explore, create, and learn however and whenever I want.” She is grateful for a career where she can express herself, support and relate to others, while working hard to be establish herself in the industry. 

What got her started was the idea of being able to voice an important message to a community in an impactful and relatable way. To connect with an audience on valuable topics in the world, such as mental health, environmental sustainability, climate change, human rights, equality and so much more. “I feel like most of us are overwhelmed by the tougher situations within our realities, so we often shift our attention away to escape the anxieties around them, but by doing so we don’t leave any space for discussion and solution.” With writing music that not only expresses how she feels, but that opens up dialogue about these topics, Katrina aims to captivate attention to an audience that is ready to listen.


“Music is a powerful force that enables us to connect with one another worldwide”


Katrina’s message is loud and clear - the distractions of the online day to day drama are shifting our focus from the important realities of the current state of the world. She feels that by refocusing our attention from materialism within pop culture to aiding the world in fighting climate change - we can all make a significant difference. Even starting with small changes in the way we interact with the environment.

In 5 years, Katrina sees herself travelling and living among different cultures - being able to work remotely as a creative from anywhere in the world. She hopes to collaborate with likeminded individuals and experience the way that others create all across the globe. She stresses the importance of connection and understanding people on an individual level - allowing us to inadvertently understand life and its purpose as a whole. Katrina has big plans for the future including having her own creative team, a professional discography, living in a rural community with a home studio and growing her own fruits and vegetables. She trusts life to take her on the right path to fulfill all her desires of living a healthy, harmonious and balanced life.


“(In my single Soba)…I vocalize my personal overwhelming pressures I put on myself to succeed within this industry. Instead of allowing the pressure to halt my progress I shifted it and made it become my fuel…”


Listen to Katrina Anastasia’s single Soba at the link below, and let her music captivate you. We can’t wait to hear more from her in the future.


- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine

Official music video for “Soba” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYqUPmNka8Q 

Official music video for "Far Away" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBzoov_5XHg



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Contact - Katrina.anastasia.mgmt@gmail.com