Her name is Jenny Sousa — aka @Jayinky, and she is a Toronto born, self-made, female tattoo artist. 

Jenny became interested in tattoo artistry after excelling academically at art in school. She became comitted to learning and perfecting the craft by staying self-disciplined throughout her tattoo journey. 

Jenny reflects on her favourite part in her career (so far) as being featured in tattoo magazines and being a part of the Black Cloud team — an integral one, at that. She makes sure that every session with a new client allows them to tell their story and ultimately, be heard. Just by showcasing the values of the Black Cloud team, it allows them to feel comfortable from start to finish. “Having that kind of atmosphere allows clients to trust us.” 

“Every session with each client is a new story that should be heard and considered.”

When asked what advice Jenny would give other creators considering tattoo artistry, she answered: “Don’t stop…you are progressing and you will see it. Every thing you do is a learning experience, even when your years in the game you will learn something new every time.” 

A few of Jenny’s long term goals include travelling and guest-spotting for famous tattoo studios around the world. She would like people to recognize her name and artwork and become a prominent figure in the global industry. In the future, perhaps open her own studio or help expand Black Cloud even further. 

We can’t wait to see what other beautiful artwork Jenny produces in the future. 

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- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine