- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine


His name is Namen Chakras and he goes by NC Capo. Namen is a 21 year old rapper, artist, engineer and songwriter. Along with his artistic talent, his freestyling abilities have earned him one of the top spots on our list of Toronto creatives.


When asked what artists he compares his style to, Capo says in the past he’s been compared to the likes of Joey Bada$$, Bas, 50 Cent and Drake. The comparison stemming from his lyrical ability, writing structure and delivery.


“At some point I thought If I didn’t have to write then the words wouldn’t get lost.” - NC Capo, on beginning to freestyle.

Namen began his artistic journey by songwriting - having said he would write in books but they would either get lost or stolen. His idea was that if he didn’t write them down - his words would never get lost and thereon, his freestyling career began. Initially, Capo would use objects in the room to spark lyrics. He would begin to freestyle and his progress grew his topics. Now he is able to select a topic, sub-topics, and continue furthering down to micro-topics to freestyle and create hard bars.


“(With my art)…I’m trying to bring forth emotions that create a whole atmosphere when you listen to me.” 

His musical inspiration comes from artists with a variety of different sounds - adding to his palette and unique flow. Drake, Outkast, 50 Cent, Jay Z and Kanye West are a few of the names NC Capo mentioned. He states that these artists inspire how he produces his creativity and the way he delivers his art. Song structure and articulation, along with impact of words with production are a few of the important aspects that NC Capo observes from these artists and inspires him with his own music. He believes in creating music for both day and night and admires the relatability in creating a versatile sound.


“I want to stretch the envelope and show the world more astonishments than accomplishment because we remember what impacts us not accolades.” - NC Capo on the message he is trying to convey.


In 5 years, NC Capo sees himself as an established full time artist in Toronto paving the way for new untapped music in his - and our - city. His talent is unmatched and we can see him growing his audience to a large fanbase. Excited to see where this takes him!