Her name is Eboni Morgan and she is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content creator with @ebonicurlsblog. Eboni creates from a lens of a young, black woman - and an empowering and elegant one at that! Not only does she write about fashion and beauty, Eboni highlights the importance of sharing uplifting and empowering messages through images and videos - to encourage self-love in her audience.


“In our world, loving oneself, especially as a marginalized person - is radical.” - Eboni, on loving herself and expanding Eboni Curls.

Eboni started her blog as a hair care blog - hence Eboni ‘Curls’. She got her big chop done at age 13 and since then has been showcasing her natural hair care journey! As to what got her the idea to start hair-care blogging, Eboni states “I wanted to share my journey and help other Black women on their own journeys to embracing their natural hair.” So important!


Her inspiration comes from the desire to help others fall in love with themselves! By sharing her journey with self-love, and caring for self, Eboni hopes her audience can use her blog as a helpful tool to accomplish their self-care goals. She doesn’t stray away from showing her audience the importance of going after your goals and dreaming big! 

“Black women have always been at the forefront for me, and I’ve always wanted to create an image that other Black women and Women of Colour could really relate to…” - Eboni Morgan


When asked what message Eboni aims to convey, we could not have paraphrased it any better:


“Too often, Black people are boxed in and told who we’re supposed to be…Our culture is extremely rich and by default, my perspective will remain that of a Black woman…though my content is for everyone to see, I will always cater it particularly to conveying the sheer beauty of Black women.”


The beauty and perspective of black women needs to be highlighted and uplifted - we couldn’t agree more. Eboni believes that in re-creating society’s perspective of the Black community, she can showcase the truth, the beauty and the richness behind the culture. She finds it exciting to share her perspective with anyone who comes across her work!

In the next 5 years, Eboni hopes to expand Eboni Curls to further support Black women and Women of Colour on their journeys to true self love. “I think the self-love industry is very white-washed, consumerist and superficial… we see very few images that show Black women and Women of Colour caring for themselves mentally, physically, emotionally etc.”

She hopes to show Black women and Women of Colour that they are worthy of the deepest and most radical love within themselves.


We can’t wait to see her further spread this important message!


Thank you Eboni, we wish you all the best.


- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva, for LOOK Magazine.