His name is Mathew Covassi - or better known as Cova - and he is a singer-songwriter, rapper, producer and creative director. Cova builds his music from the ground up organically - even going as far as scene writing and creative directing a few of his own music video productions. Although, Cova’s music falls into the category of hip-hop - he prefers not to limit his sound to one specific genre, instead finding inspiration from a variety of genres and styles across the board.


Cova began making music for himself, that he felt he needed to hear in certain periods of his life. “As I’ve grown alongside my music, I’ve learned that whatever it is that I feel I need to hear for myself, is more often than not the same thing that someone else needs too.” With consistent growth, Cova has been able to reach tens of thousands of people with his relatable music. He states that hearing positive feedback from his audience keeps him pushing forward and reminding him of the reason he began his journey into making music. 

“I've always wanted to be someone that a younger version of myself would have admired and looked up to… to be in a position where I can give advice that's based on experience and success, that's real wisdom and power to me.” - Cova, on inspiring others. 

Beginning to produce music as early as the ninth grade, Cova’s inspiration came from a variety of artists including the classics of Michael Jackson, BeeGees, Grand Master flash, Ricky Martin, The Cars, to name a few - who were played around the house when he was growing up. He soaked up music like a sponge and began to develop his own palate. This came from listening to Kanye, J Cole, Eminem and Drake which further propelled him into creating hip-hop music. He continues to listen to all varietes of music to keep his taste diverse and fresh. 

Cova believes being yourself is one of the most important steps to being successful. He encourages others to believe in themselves and be brave enough to act on what they feel inclined to pursue. “I want to show that there are no limits, no molds, and no boundaries on what you can do when you trust your own creative process.“ Being the most creative person in the room does not require a persona - but a confident person who believes in their own creative influence. 

“It could be a party, it could be a post-break-up drive home, whatever the feeling or the situation, if my music can elevate or benefit someone’s experience, then I’m achieving my ‘why’…” - Cova

In 5 years, Cova sees himself having worked hard to develop his music to secure a top spot in the music industry. He doesn’t believe in limiting himself or putting a ceiling on what he can accomplish - he sees himself rise as a young successful talent. For being only nineteen, five years can sound like a long time - and yet Cova has already created a name for himself with a personal touch that many can relate to.


“I can see my success being a lot like my music and my personality, multifaceted.“ - Cova


We can’t wait to hear more of Cova’s name and music in the future. Watch his latest music video "Two Sided" .


- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine