- Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine

His name is ArhinSlim and he is an artist, rapper, producer, engingeer, and designer - but he is best known for making music in the GTA. Another multi-faceted Toronto creative we’re excited to feature this month!


“…I would always imagine thoughts in a musical way.” - ArhinSlim on what inspired him to begin making music.

Arhin initially got started making music when his brother inspired him by beginning to make his own. In the seventh grade, he decided to start making music with him and downloaded the software FL Studio - making his first beat. Arhin and his brother would post their freestyles on facebook and later release their recorded demos on Sound Cloud, teaching him the process of dropping music in the internet age.

“Music from my childhood was a key part of my character/artist development.”


`ArhinSlim began creating music for the love of creative expression. From childhood, music was his first love and continues to be his favourite form of expressing himself. He relates it to every aspect of his life - even connecting it to sports and entertainment he watches. Music Countodwn, MTV, 106 & Park played a huge role in his life while growing up. His range of music expanded with video games and the various alternative rock it included - allowing him to gain an appreciation for a variety of genres. 


The message ArhinSlim wants to convey is the importance of striving to be the best in your field - while being fly all the while. Sticking to your dreams and moving with style and grace regardless of what situation you are put in.


In 5 years, ArhinSlim will have played at a major music festival, and his music and brand will be recognized all over the world. “…I will elevate my career to mainstream heights.” We believe we will be hearing his name globally in the near future.