His name is Adrian James Seballos, and he goes by AJ or - better yet, Adreezycuts. He is a 23 year old barber and entrepeneur. Currently, AJ is cutting at Throne Barbershop - a popular barbershop in the heart of Downtown Toronto. However, with the ongoing pandemic - and personal care being currently shut down - Adrian has been focusing on creating content, building his brand and editing videos. 

“…I had the top of my head grown out & the sides shaved. I remember shaving the sides with wal-mart clippers myself.” - Adrian, on how he got started cutting hair. 

It was in high school when Adrian started cutting his own hair, and soon began trimming up those close to him - his family and closest friends. “I would practice fades/line ups/designs on my little brother as well. He would basically be my free canvas…” Soon enough, Adrian was the main barber in his high school, having a majority of his school getting cuts by him. In his free time, apart from finishing his homework, he would dedicate hours to watching hair tutorials on youtube and cutting hair in his garage. Other students from nearby high schools began coming to him for haircuts as well, expanding his business by referrals and developing new relationships. Adrian’s hobby became a passion for him and he decided then he wanted to pursue it as a future career. 

“Nothing feels better than giving back by doing something you love.” - Aj on cutting for charity.

Adrian continued onto attend University to study business, at the request of his parents. He used every opportunity he had to promote his barbering, and find ways to incorporate it into activities and events at school. He found opportunities in fundraisers to showcase his craft - but most importantly, to give back to a great cause. The long nights of studying and school work began taking time away from his passion. After finishing his first year and gaining his parents support, Adrian decided to pursue barbering full time. Proving to us “…when you want something, don't be afraid to go get it.” 

With his current position at Throne Barbershop, Adrian strongly believes in finding the right team to accomplish the same vision together. Working with like-minded people has made his experience barbering that much more rewarding. Motivated to work harder, become better everyday, and encouraged to try new things with your team’s support is unbeatable. Barbering in the heart of Toronto has opened up a multitude of opportunities for Adrian - and working at Throne not only lets him improve his craft and service, but also teaches him how to run his own business. He continues to feel constant gratitude for his team, coming from Brampton to Downtown Toronto and being able to learn from everyone he is blessed to work with.

“It's all about growth & surrounding yourself with positive energy that will bring you success.”

Recently, Adrian had a TikTok video go viral. He’s reflected back on the moment of waking up and seeing the video of himself and Menelick with over a million views! Bringing him excitement and gratitude that many relate to the client/barber moment they genuienly experienced in the video. Menelick’s naturally shocked reaction made the video a real relatable laugh.

Adrian started on TikTok with his girlfriend, posting funny dancing videos showcasing his personality. He has always been the funny guy at the barbershop, and it took some time to step out of his comfort zone to be able to show that to the world. “I'm working on blending my personality with my business…You could be good at something but if your energy doesn't reciprocate that, it won't last long.” The interaction he has received on his dancing videos, he is now channeling to his barber videos — knowing he can gain the same response by incorporating his personality to his craft. With the attention that his and Menelick’s video received, Adrian knows that he can continue to make this type of content and inspire and motivate people to stay true to themselves. 

Not only does Adrian want his clients to feel comfortable and in good hands in his chair, but he wants to let others know that nothing feels better than being yourself. His message is to make your own decisions and to forego worrying about what others think of you. Having haters throughout your journey to success is normal and the right people will naturally gravitate into your life. “There will be days where your motivation is lost, but that's when you have to adapt & learn to overcome those obstacles…be patient.” 

  • Written by Ksenia Kazantseva for LOOK Magazine